Groninger Museum

Echo – Interactive Experience

Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing

Echo is a multiplayer game conceptualized and designed by Trailhead, developed by Critical Bit and produced by UBUB.

Players take on the role of detectives and are tasked with exploring the Groninger Museum using “state-of-the-art” equipment. An infamous criminal has left traces all over an exposition and hidden clues have been found in various paintings.
Using an iPod and tablet players work in teams to identify the criminal and solve a centuries old mystery.

Think CSI meets the Da Vinci Code and you have a great impression.

The game is played with two or more players, one controlling an iPod (the Scanner), and the other controlling a tablet (the Analyzer). Both devices run the Echo app with the iPod using image recognition functionality to find items hidden in paintings and physical objects such as footprints and handwriting. It connects to the tablet through the museum’s WiFi network, sending the collected data to the tablet where it unlocks several puzzles for players to solve.

Originally the game was to be played through a combination of Google Glass and tablet. It was tested in several iterations on location in the museum with promising results.
After Google ended the program though the project resumed development for a combination of iPod and tablet instead.

As Interaction Designer I aided with the conceptualization and development of the game’s design and story from start to finish. I designed the game’s overall experience, graphical user interfaces and puzzles. Additionally I edited the game’s myriad live action sequences and provided motion graphics where necessary. 

Echo launched in September 2015.


Isaak Kraft van Ermel

Interaction Designer
Visual Artist