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Continuum: The Game

Interaction Design, Motion Graphics


Continuum: The Game was an Alternate Reality Game that ran alongside the first season of sci-fi TV series Continuum. Continuum follows Kiera Cameron, a policewoman from the year 2077, who gets thrown into the past along with the 8 most dangerous members of revolutionary group Liber8.
It’s now up to her to stop them from changing the future, though the series offers a number of twists and turns that’ll make her reconsider her beliefs.

The game was played throughout four major cities in Canada, with a sprawling online presence of websites, forums and social media channels to tie the narrative together.

The game kicked off formally during the Continuum panel at FanExpo 2012 in Vancouver. Unbeknownst to the audience a group of Liber8 members had snuck into the audience with the goal of crashing the panel. This was the game’s rabbithole that lead into Continuum’s online channels.

Fans of Continuum could communicate with characters from the show through these online channels, solving puzzles on both the web and in the real world, and become part of Liber8. Alternatively they could choose to help intrepid reporter Tyler Cross to put a stop to them.


Central to the game was the blueprint of the Quantum Device: the machine that enabled timetravel in the show. Finding clues and solving puzzles enabled players to unlock parts of the blueprint.

The game’s different online channels were tied together using Zeros 2 Heroes’ proprietary online hub. Here players could share information on a forum and enter codes to unlock blueprint parts and goodies.

For the game I designed the majority of puzzles: from simple morse code in Youtube videos and Caeserian ciphers, to quests that required collaboration between players across Canada. Aditionally I played a bit part as Josh Smith, Tyler Cross’ friend who met his fate when he got too close to the truth.

Isaak Kraft van Ermel

Interaction Designer
Visual Artist