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Animism: The God’s Lake ARG

Graphic Design, Interaction Design


Animism: the God’s Lake is a transmedial storyworld/IP created by Zeros 2 Heroes Media.
Animism tells the story of Melody Ravensfall who, together with her friends, sets out to stop the spirit Wetiko. The story is inspired by myths of Canadian Aboriginals, mixed with a healthy dose of urban fantasy.

The Animism universe consists of an animated series, a number of short stories and a point-and-click adventure game.

The Animism Alternate Reality Game (ARG) was an expansion of the IP featuring an online hub, in-universe websites, and social media channels inhabited by the series’ characters.


The goal of the ARG was to tie the series’ media, such as the adventure game and TV series, into a coherent whole as well as offering additional insight and intrigue for fans.

It did this by using Zeros 2 Heroes’ proprietary hub platform, which served as a gateway to the different in-universe websites where players could find hidden codes and bits of story.
All in all I helped create hundreds of these ‘online artifacts’ which ranged from videos, social media profiles, fictional news sites and conspiracy theory blogs.

Tying it together was the game’s overall design which was spearheaded by Sinne de Rooij, Kuno Stomp and myself.

Isaak Kraft van Ermel

Interaction Designer
Visual Artist